Ducky: Diary Two by Ann M. Martin

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Ducky: Diary Two

All Ducky wants is the comfort of his family—but when they’re around, he feels lonelier than ever

Ducky has been worried about Alex ever since the party at Jay’s, when Alex “accidentally” tried to hurt himself. He can’t talk to Sunny about it—she’s got enough going on with her terminally ill mom. Jay is still hanging with the Cro Mags, the jocks who push Ducky around. And Ducky’s older brother, Ted, just wouldn’t understand.

Fortunately, Christmas is around the corner and his parents are coming back from Ghana, so Ducky will finally have the family support he’s desperately been missing. But when they return, the McCraes don’t seem to care about what’s been going on in Ducky’s world, either, and can’t wait to leave again. With no one to turn to for advice, Ducky decides to confront Alex—and his deepest fears are confirmed. This time, there’s no mistaking Alex’s actions for an accident.

 This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Ann M. Martin, including rare images from the author’s collection. 
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781453298176 Pages: 144