Einstein by Miles Gibson

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A comic novel about the meaning of life and the end of the world. And dogs.

When Charlie wakes in the middle of the night to discover an alien in his house, he is more than a little alarmed. But that fades into insignificance when the alien tells him that a) it is the end of the world, and b) he has come to rescue Einstein from destruction.

Einstein is Charlie’s pet dog.

Only Einstein refuses to leave without his master. So the alien offers Charlie a deal. If he can prove that he has performed one worthwhile act in his life, then he can be saved.

Einstein is an outrageous comedy of high anxieties and low morals embracing everything from modern art to motherhood, from battery hens to the meaning of life. It is a comedy classic from one of Britain’s great humorists.

Praise for Miles Gibson

‘One of my favourite authors.’ Billy Connolly

‘Absolutely first rate. Absolutely wonderful.’ Ray Bradbury

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911420835 Pages: 300