Embrace by Crissy Smith

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Embrace who he is…or lose everything.

Six weeks ago Kieran Smith learned that his DNA had been altered during his time as a captive to the shifters. Kieran has always know he was a powerful Day Walker but he’s having trouble dealing with the fact even to other Walkers he’s a freak.

Just when he thinks things are finally settling down Kieran learns that fate isn’t done messing with him. His lover saves three teenage shifters that need more help than they can give. Not everyone has recovered from dealing with the shifters responsible for Kieran’s and others years of torture. Now two strange Day Walkers have come to town attacking the local Pack and causing trouble.

It doesn’t take long for Kieran and his friends to realize that the two Walkers have a connection to Kieran. A deep bond that is going to change everything.

Kieran is either going to have to embrace his unique gifts and the things done to him or lose everyone he cares about. He won’t be able to hide anything any longer as his past collides with his future.

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781786864147 Pages: 152