Emerald Ecstasy by Lynette Vinet

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Emerald Ecstasy

High drama, shocking scandals, and passionate connections abound in this extraordinary saga

Renowned artist Daniel Flanders believes he’s taking a woman of easy virtue when he sweeps the beautiful and alluring Lianne into his embrace at his brother’s summerhouse. Unbeknownst to Daniel, 9 months after Lianne flees into the Irish night, she gives birth to his daughter.
Struggling to raise her child alone, Lianne falls prey to the dangerous Don Raoul de Lovis, who spirits her away to Mexico. The lust in his eyes gleams as bright as the silver in his mines, and Lianne knows he will pursue her to the ends of the Earth to satisfy his corrupt desires. The only person who can save her is Daniel—if he hasn’t forgotten the ecstasy of their love those many months ago.
Publisher: Open Road Media Romance ISBN: 9781504022408 Pages: 480