Family Skeletons by Patrick Quentin

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Family Skeletons

A “hard to solve and easy to read” mystery from the Edgar Award–winning author of the Peter Duluth series (Kirkus Reviews).
Patrick Quentin, best known for the Peter Duluth puzzle mysteries, also penned outstanding detective novels from the 1930s through the 1960s under other pseudonyms, including Q. Patrick and Jonathan Stagge. Anthony Boucher wrote: “Quentin is particularly noted for the enviable polish and grace which make him one of the leading American fabricants of the murderous comedy of manners; but this surface smoothness conceals intricate and meticulous plot construction as faultless as that of Agatha Christie.”
Lewis Denham has always been the black sheep of the family. Adopted into the “proper” Denham household after his working-class parents died, Lew never quite fit in with the rest of the clan—or maybe he simply couldn’t keep his nose elevated that high for that long without getting frostbite.
Either way, when he announces his marriage to a British girl without checking how blue her blood is, the family is aghast. But things become truly appalling when Lew finds a dead man in his apartment—and it seems the lower-class victim had a connection with his upper-crust family.
Now, feeling more outside the Denham ranks than ever, Lew will have to look past his family’s elite façade and find out who they really are. And he’s about to learn that none of them are too good to get a little blood on their hands . . .
Publisher: Road ISBN: 9781504051439 Pages: 190