Fascinated by Miles Gibson

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A black comedy with a plot that convolutes like an eel on speed

Frank Fisher, a marketing man for a tropical fruit company, walks out to post a letter one day and promptly disappears. He has fallen into the hands of eccentric underworld boss, Conrad Staggers. Reluctantly, he agrees to become an accomplice in gangland wars and act as a chaperone to Conrad's daughter, Valentine, a woman addicted to shopping and sex.

Eventually, Frank is forced into a confrontation with a sinister hitman who has never been known to fail.

Praise for Fascinated

‘The blackest of comedies, sexy and unpredictable with a plot that convolutes like an eel on speed. Truly wild; dangerously funny.’ Literary Review

‘A gorgeously written romp through a London underworld of bruisers, mugs and molls.’ Financial Times

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911591139 Pages: 300