Finding Bob by Joe Trivigno

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Finding Bob

Finding Bob is based on one boy’s journey to find the man behind the legendary lyrics. Having left behind a life of slavery in Africa, Mogli’s adventure leads him to the land of lions, pushing the limits of his personal strength and testing the power of the human race.
The story opens with imagery of raw Africa—a young boy’s living nightmare of a war-torn country where genocide, rape, and murder are commonplace. As a witness to the tragedy that took his family from this earth and his life, the young boy is taken captive and forced into performing the unthinkable duties of the murderers. He complies, but counter to the anger and fear building inside his little body, the boy musters the strength to escape the cult’s wrath.
After days without sleep, due to the haunting scenes relived in his memory, the boy remains a mere shell. He finds some items left behind— the more fortuitous of the lot being a set of keys marked with an address and a Walkman cassette player. The music player baffles the boy, as he is unsure of the technology, but the sound that emerges stays with him. What he initially heard as an odd mix of tunes soon translates into feelings of love, freedom, and power—the comfort he had been missing in his life. The warmth the young boy feels from the music sets him on a mission to find Bob.
Publisher: Open Road Media ISBN: 9781497665491 Pages: 228