Flames of Desire by Vanessa Royall

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Flames of Desire

From the author of The Passionate and the Proud, a saga of love and rebellion sweeping from the green hills of Scotland to the shores of colonial America.
In eighteenth-century Scotland, Selena MacPherson is the proud princess of Coldstream Castle. She’s never met a man who doesn’t desire her, but she has yet to meet the man she desires in return.
Royce Cambell is the fabled son of a ruthless Highland clan. He has fleets and warriors ready to do his bidding and his frightening legends glitter about him like a cloak. Royce is promised to Veronica Blakemore, a woman of fire and ice, but when he meets Selena at an Edinburgh ball, there is no denying the burning promise of ecstasy between them. But only in the new world, across raging seas, does that promise have the chance to be fulfilled.
Set in the exhilarating time of the American Revolution, Flames of Desire is a rousing tale of pride, passion, and a love triangle that changes the course of three turbulent lives.
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626814127 Pages: 576