Flighty Flies: Fiction for Children by Ana Marija Toman

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Flighty Flies: Fiction for Children

Age : 3-7 years old - Reading Level : Preschool-Year 2

Is it that easy to be polite? Come with Judy, Joanna and Guy to learn the most essential magical words like “thank you” and “please”.

A humorous interactive book for children to discover the world of politeness


The flight flies are learning kind words,
Words that bring joy and sound sweeter than birds:
Thank you, please and sorry, always a delight,
No fly is too young to be nice and polite.

But oh, how flighty the flies are when learning,
None too ambitious, none too yearning.
Thank you and please, so readily ignored,
Sorry is a word that they can only seldom afford.

Reading but comics, they've grown too brave,
Now someone must teach them how to behave.
So, on and away with our heroes we fly,
We call them Judy, Joanna and Guy.


Ana Marija Toman is a translator who likes verse. So it comes as no surprise that she used verse to write her very own first book. It is her wish to show children that good behaviour is not something tiresome, but something that connects us as people and makes life in the community more pleasant.
Polona Kosec is an illustrator working in illustration and character design for children’s books and magazines, as well as short commercial animation. In that sense, as she says herself, she is still a little girl creating magical worlds with colours.


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Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9789616929806 Pages: 10