Following the Water: A Hydromancer's Notebook by David M. Carroll

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Following the Water: A Hydromancer's Notebook

A nature journal of New Hampshire wetlands life, from an author Annie Dillard calls “a national treasure.”
Following the Water is the intensely observed chronicle of a naturalist’s annual March-to-November wetlands immersion—from the joy of the first turtle sighting in March to the gorgeously described, vibrant trilling of tree frogs in late May to the ancient sense of love and loss experienced each autumn, when it is time once again to part with open water.
Illustrated with the author’s fine pen-and-ink drawings, Following the Water is a gorgeous evocation of nature, illuminating the ecology and life histories of hawks, foxes, rare wood and spotted turtles, and more, from an author who was a recipient of a MacArthur “genius grant” as well as a John Burroughs Medal for his book Swampwalker’s Journal.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ISBN: 9780547429328 Pages: 208