Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Coventry by David McGrory

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Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Coventry

In the middle of Great Britain sits a historic city—with a long history of horror. These are the true crime stories from Coventry’s past.
Now a thriving, modern metropolis, Coventry has been an established center of trade and culture for nearly a thousand years. But as with any site where mankind gathers, the darker side of humanity always shows itself.
Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Coventry takes you on a sinister journey from medieval times to the twentieth century in which you will meet villains, cutthroats, traitors, witches, martyrs, and suicidal lovers—a menagerie of crime and punishment in all their shocking variety.
Among the many awful episodes included are a brutal regicide, religious martyrdoms and a witchcraft murder in the medieval period. Also included are the story of a triple execution at Gibbet Hill, poisonings and drownings in the Georgian and Victorian eras, and in more recent times, a murderer’s lonely suicide.
For fans of historical madness and mayhem, Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Coventry is a fascinating compendium of crime.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781783033812 Pages: 144