Fukushima Dreams by Zelda Rhiando

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Fukushima Dreams

"Half real, half dream, this Japan-set novel is so subtly constructed with screens between and within characters, that are gradually slid open to reveal strange depths and a shocking truth."

– Tim Pears

Sachiko and her husband Harry live in a village on the North-east coast of Japan. They are both struggling to adapt to life as new parents to their infant son Tashi.

In the aftermath of the tsunami, Sachiko wakes alone. Her family is missing. She begins a desperate search until radiation fallout from the Fukushima power plant forces her to leave the area. She moves to Tokyo, and a different life.

Harry has fled to a refuge on an isolated mountain, abandoning his family. He lives there, haunted by guilt and hovering on the edge of sanity.

Will they find each other and confront the question of their missing son?

Publisher: United Authors ISBN: 9781911586890 Pages: 224