Game of Chess by S Kartik

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Game of Chess

CHESS, an interesting game is a rich exercise in strategy for any curious mind. But what happens when the game itself starts playing with the players and it is no longer apparent who is playing whom?

GameOfChess is a gripping story of a chess match between two famous professors who contemplates the intricacies of the game and boast of their ultimate strategies of winning as they play the game. Things get more interesting when the game of chess itself starts interacting with the professors and comes out alive. As the professors try to understand the reasons for the events surrounding them, they happen to unravel some very deep mysteries about the fundamental laws of life, society and nature through their vivid dialogues and arguments. The truth that so comes out isn’t comforting to either of them.

So should they focus on winning the game to satisfy their ego to each other, should they focus on placating the alive game which is going haywire, should they just run away or should they confront the stark truth facing them?

And the alcohol and the drugs they are consuming continuously isn’t helping them either in making the choice.

So, what choice will they ultimately make and who will win the game of chess?

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789384318246 Pages: 148