Gentleman Jim: The Wartime Story of a Founder of the SAS & Special Forces by Lorna Almonds Almonds-Windmill

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Gentleman Jim: The Wartime Story of a Founder of the SAS & Special Forces

The remarkable story of Jim Almonds, his WWII experiences, and his formative role in the birth of the SAS.
Set in wartime England, the western desert, Italy, and France, this book captures the spirit of the young soldiers in the newly emerging Special Air Service, against a dramatic background of love, courage, and high-risk adventure.

Jim Almonds, a sergeant in the Guards Commandos, sailed for the Middle East as part of “Layforce” in January 1941, with David Stirling and others destined to become SAS L Detachment “originals.” Following intensive training in the desert and action at Tobruk, Sidi Haneish, Nofelia, and Benghazi, Almonds was captured and shipped to a POW camp in Italy, where he staged two escapes.
After thirty-two days on the run in enemy territory, he reached US forces at the Benevento front line. Later, he parachuted into occupied France, where he harried the Germans so effectively that he was awarded the Croix de Guerre.

Written by Gentleman Jim’s daughter and based on Almond’s own diaries, various primary sources, and interviews with other originals, this is a story about an extraordinary man, filled with vivid and immediate action.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781783032297 Pages: 304