German Soldiers in the Great War: Letters and Eyewitness Accounts by Benjamin Ziemann, Bernd Ulrich

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German Soldiers in the Great War: Letters and Eyewitness Accounts

The first English translation of writings that capture the lives and thoughts of German soldiers fighting in the trenches and on the battlefields of WWI.
German Soldiers in the Great War is a vivid selection of firsthand accounts and other wartime documents that shed new light on the experiences of German frontline soldiers during the First World War. It reveals in authentic detail the perceptions and emotions of ordinary soldiers that have been covered up by the smokescreen of official military propaganda about “heroism” and “patriotic sacrifice.”
In this essential collection of wartime correspondence, editors Benjamin Ziemann and Bernd Ulrich have gathered more than two hundred mostly archival documents, including letters, military dispatches and orders, extracts from diaries, newspaper articles and booklets, medical reports and photographs. This fascinating primary source material provides the first comprehensive insight into the German frontline experiences of the Great War, available in English for the first time in a translation by Christine Brocks.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Edited By: Benjamin Ziemann, Bernd Ulrich Translated By: Christine Brocks ISBN: 9781844687640 Pages: 224