Getting Even by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Getting Even

People think Annie can handle anything, and she can—but only because the alternative is worse

Annie’s summer in New York City was every teenager’s dream. Being chosen as a summer intern at Image magazine meant the chance to work on real articles during the day and enjoy the independence and excitement of city life outside office hours.
But now, going back to her high school routine feels like punishment—especially when the promised editorial job at the school paper doesn’t work out the way she planned. Annie knows she’s ready for bigger challenges, but it feels like every time she keeps her calm and saves the day, she gets punished for her own success. Suddenly she’s tired of being the boring old dependable honor student that everyone thinks is getting along just fine.
Annie tells her mom she has a right to get angry sometimes, and at first it does feel good to tell people what she really thinks. But can Annie keep her job, her boyfriend, and her family close when getting mad turns into getting even?
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497682825 Pages: 182