Getting Through the Hurt by Francis Wagner, Silas Henderson, Keith McClellan, Ann Rohleder, Ronald Knott

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Getting Through the Hurt

Sometimes life just seems to get the best of us. The wounds can cut very deep on occasion: addiction, divorce, grief, feeling unloved and unwanted, and so many others. And the scars may never entirely heal. However, our Christian faith urges us to recall that Jesus rose from the tomb with visible but transformed wounds, demonstrating that nothing in life is wasted in the economy of God’s mercy. Getting Through the Hurt offers timely reflections on how God’s grace gently permeates our wounds to give them meaning and transforms them into the means of discovering new life. Ultimately, God asks us to trust that His goodness will secure victory over all distress, division, and death, and this book serves as a guide for that journey of faith.
Publisher: Abbey Press ISBN: 9781504016940 Pages: 57