Ghostwriter For Hire by Noreen Wald

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Ghostwriter For Hire

A ghostwriter is punching up a Broadway script when the curtain comes down on the star . . .
Jake O’Hara has a lot to celebrate. Not only will she be her mother’s maid of honor at her forthcoming wedding, but she has been offered her most lucrative ghostwriting work yet—punching up the script for the Broadway musical Suzy Q before it premieres. Unfortunately, the star of the show is Elaine Eden, the award-winning actress of stage and screen—and a titanic Tinseltown twit in Jake’s eyes.
Elaine has her share of enemies in this production, including her ex-husband, a young up-and-coming actress, and the play’s author, who happens to be the producer’s boyfriend. When she falls to her death from a ladder during a stunt, no one is surprised to learn the ladder was tampered with. Now, it’s up to Jake to discover which one of Elaine’s many critics chose to drop the curtain on her.
“Wald writes with a light touch.” —New York Daily News
“The author keeps the plot airy and the characters outlandish.” —South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Publisher: Henery Press Publishing ISBN: 9781943390823 Pages: 216