Good and Faithful: Ten Stewardship Lessons for Everyday Living by Gary G. Hoag

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Good and Faithful: Ten Stewardship Lessons for Everyday Living

Do you want to hear the words: “Well done, good and faithful steward”? For most, the answer is yes. But when mortgages, grocery bills, vacations, and Christmas presents compete with our giving in the monthly budget, being good stewards of God’s money is often easier said than done.

Through ten weeks of insightful lessons (including short video segments and using key biblical references), Good and Faithful will help both individuals and groups navigate the often-complex task of handling money faithfully on earth, which also prepares us to give an account of our stewardship to God in eternity. Teaching includes:

• Biblical instruction on money and stewardship

• Tips on how to earn income, save money, and give generously

• Advice on budgeting, borrowing, and other financial matters

By the final lesson, you will grasp abundant living like never before, and your service will bear fruit that glorifies God!

Publisher: Asbury Seedbed Publishing ISBN: 9781628244342 Pages: 136