Granthraj Dasbodh (Hindi) by Suresh Sumant

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Granthraj Dasbodh (Hindi)

“Granthraj Dasbodh” is an introduction to a sacred thought book on ancient Hindu Philosophy. Wisdom and Strength are two most sought after points for successful fulfilment of our ambitions in all walks of life. It really helps in resolving most of the

conflicts (Wars) of precious human life. It’s an ancient art mastered by great saints, godfathers like Shreeram’, ‘Krishna’ & kings alike Chatrapati Shivaji under the influence of his guru shree Ramdas Swami.

Even in today’s advanced world of science we all certainly look upon the masters (Guru) for guidance in all fields of life. This book provides deep knowledge & mental strength to commanders, administrators, social servants, devotees in addition to a disturbed common man. It certainly helps to know the whereabouts of Great Master or almighty satguru ‘Param Atman’ in the true sense and at the same time get reed of several misgivings.

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9788192950815 Pages: 232