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Greatest UFO Case File

UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects have long been a matter of great curiosity and interest for the human habitation on the Earth, particularly from June 24, 1947 when American pilot Kenneth Arnold reported sighting nine circular objects flying across his airplane's path in the skies over the state of Washington. His description of their movements as being like “saucers skipping over the water” gave birth to the term, 'flying saucer.' However, objects shaped like cigars, squares, balls, triangles, rings and hats have also been reported to have been seen in almost every country, of this huge and diverse Living Planet known as the Earth. Basically, these UFOs are amorphous and shape-changing objects.

The book consists of an interesting list of UFO Encounters by various Air Force Personnels and Scientists across the globe, their experiences, detailed and exhaustive reports, etc. It also has an elaborate list of Alien Encounters and Alien Abductions. It further gives a detailed and vivid description of the various types of thrilling encounters with these strange Alien ships, such as: Close Encounters of the First Kind (Ce1), Close Encounters of the Second Kind (Ce2), Close Encounter of the Third Kind (Ce3), Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (Ce4) and so on.

So friends, this book will interest and captivate the minds of one and all, irrespective of age, sex, religion, profession and academic qualification, although our target audience are the children, particularly the school students.

Publisher: V&S Publishers ISBN: 9789350574317 Pages: 180