Gregory's Rebellion by Lavinia Lewis

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Gregory's Rebellion

Leopard shifter Gregory is delighted to finally meet his mate, but why doesn't the heavily scarred young jaguar shifter Hayden recognise their bond?

When supernatural council member Gregory is sent to Las Vegas to pick up a stray jaguar shifter, he thinks it will be an easy job. But upon his arrival, Gregory discovers that his quarry is his destined mate - a mate that doesn't recognise their bond. Hayden has an angry looking scar running the length of his left cheek, but he won't tell Gregory how he got it or why he hasn't shifted into his cat form for the last two years. Something bad must have happened to him, but can Gregory convince his wary mate to confide in him?

To make matters worse, many council members' mates have been murdered in recent months so Gregory is afraid to tell his employers that Hayden is his mate. Instead, he lies to the council - risking his job and his life - and takes Hayden to Texas where he'll be able to protect him. But is Hayden as safe on the Crazy Horse ranch as he imagined?

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781781840054 Pages: 106