Harbor Lights by Theodore Weesner

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Harbor Lights

A lobster fisherman in Maine attempts to reconcile his rocky past in this “unforgettable novel” by the author of The Car Thief (Kirkus Reviews).
Lobster fisherman Warren Hudon has made a life of almost absolute isolation on the rough waters of southern Maine. But when he is diagnosed with rapidly developing cancer, he finds himself driven to make peace with his long-estranged wife, Beatrice, and their adult daughter, Marian.
Warren’s search for reconciliation forces him to confront the failures and disappointments of his past: Beatrice’s long-standing affair with a married senator; Marian’s alliance with her mother in the acrimonious split; and the daily injustices leveled against the lobstermen of Maine. Consumed by his thoughts and growing rage, Warren, a man with nothing left to lose, must decide whether he is willing to forgive those who have wronged him, or take his revenge.
“Sensitively and intelligently composed . . . the novel sings with a poetic simplicity that recalls Russell Banks or Carolyn Chute.” —Publishers Weekly
“Enthusiastically recommended.” —Library Journal
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions ISBN: 9781941286845 Pages: 184