Hauntings by Paul Roland

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Packed with chilling true stories and frightening first-hand accounts, Hauntings is a fascinating investigation of the 21st-century spirits that roam our cities, suburbs, and shopping malls.

Paul Roland, author of The Complete Book Of Ghosts and Investigating The Unexplained, unearths disturbing new evidence that reveals how restless spirits are not confined to crumbling castles and historic haunted houses. The dead are all around us, constantly trying to communicate, and now they have access through our computers, TVs, and even our mobile phones! The truth is more terrifying than anything seen on the movie screen.

Read about the owners of a modern dream house who took their spectral squatter to court, the dead pilot who took the controls of a crippled aircraft, the ghostbusters who got more than they bargained for, and the murder victim who came back from the grave to put a killer behind bars.

Publisher: Arcturus Digital Limited ISBN: 9781788286527 Pages: