Heaven in a Hell by Anmol Sandhu

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Heaven in a Hell

Transformation, when happens in a life, creates a huge turmoil, but if transformation happens at every step, imagine the outcome!

An extraordinary story of an ordinary girl, Ananda! She begins her journey with hopes, but life’s twists and turns work like a wending machine shaping it to the unforeseen. “Thus, began a new phase of my life, i.e. entering the hell.” The moment she starts believing that life is a heaven to live in, unexpected twists play the foul and make it a living hell. “Now, it had become my mission to find heaven in this hell.” An unusual story, where things shape up through struggles – class struggle, teenage struggle, financial struggle, relationship struggle, social setup struggle, fighting the taboos and so on… An angel does play the part to make it heaven, but … “I felt like I had built up a heaven in a hell already.” Enriched with mystery, suspense, thrill and an ultimate romance… This novel covers all the aspects of human psyche and focuses on a whooping social evil, a curse engulfing youth like an epidemic.

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789383952892 Pages: 340