Henry the Hedgehog: Small Animals Explained to Children by Veronica Podesta, Monica Pierazzi Mitri, Small But Useful

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Henry the Hedgehog: Small Animals Explained to Children

Age : 6-7 years old   Reading Level : 1st Grade

Discover Henry the Hedgehog's daily life!

After the tremendous success of the paper versions, the Small but Useful series is available in digital format! A unique series of 4 titles recounting the adventures of 4 little animals in their day-to-day life. Amazingly illustrated, not only are these stories really cute but they also reveal the usefulness of small animals in nature!

A perfect series to practice reading and learn more about small animals.


Henry the hedgehog sleeps throughout the day hidden in a hole in a trunk. He likes to wander around the woods during the night. As he walks, the thousand spines on his body seem to shout : “Do not get near, I can prick you!” However, truth be told, Henry is tired of being alone. He would love to have some friends.

In the Small but Useful series:

• Amy the Ant
• Ana the Spider
• Buzzy The bee
• Funny the Caterpillar
• Henry the Hedgehog
• Lucky the Worm
• Niki the Frog
• Rosty the Bat

Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9782511030981 Pages: 18