Home Baked: A Little Book of Bread, Cakes and Biscuit Recipes by George Scurfield, Cecilia Scurfield

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Home Baked: A Little Book of Bread, Cakes and Biscuit Recipes

In one volume, two classic British baking books!

What more therapeutic activity could there be than baking? This volume contains two beloved mid-twentieth-century recipe collections, including Home Baked—listed by renowned cookbook author Elizabeth David as one of her favorite books on bread making—and Home-Made Cakes and Biscuits.
Also featured is advice on equipment, flours to use and to avoid, baking and rising times and temperatures, and everything the home baker could want to know. There are recipes for wholemeal bread, white bread, English tea breads, and continental coffee breads such as croissants, Danish pastries, panettone, German apple cake, and Russian Easter bread.
And since we can’t live on bread alone, the section on homemade sweet treats contains recipes for basic cakes, fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, nut cakes, spicy cakes, pastries, biscuits, and yeast cakes, as well as icings and fillings. It’s a delightful treat for anyone who loves to bake.
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing ISBN: 9781909166882 Pages: 144