Hound Dog by Richard Blandford

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Hound Dog

Phoenix Nights meets American Psycho

Call him Elvis. The premier Elvis impersonator in the whole of the Cambridgeshire region. He’s overweight and bald and old. He is partial to cocaine, sells skunk to local teenagers and masturbates six or seven times a day.

And he hates Elvis Presley.

Things start to go wrong for Elvis when his backing singers, Gay Elvis and Fat Elvis, jump ship and have to replaced by Buddy Holly, a postman with bladder problems. Then Eddie, a dubious businessman, calls offering the biggest gig of Elvis’s career – performing at the birthday party of a vicious gangster who just happens to be married to Elvis’s third ex-wife.

Praise for Hound Dog

Phoenix Nights meets American Psycho. In Cambridge.’ Kevin Sampson

‘Hound Dog is distressingly, worryingly funny. With skill and sensitivity, Blandford keeps the reader laughing, even through the depravity; even through the despair; even, indeed, through the moments of startling ferocity.’ Niall Griffiths

‘Slick, efficient and faintly nasty.’ Observer

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911420842 Pages: 300