House Blood by Mike Lawson

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House Blood

“The plot and pace are relentless” as Joe DeMarco investigates a pharmaceutical corporation that has gone beyond the bounds of science and into murder (Booklist, starred review).
Things have been better for Washington, DC, insider Joe DeMarco. His boss is no longer Speaker of the House and his girlfriend has left him. So, when he’s asked to look into the murder conviction of a lobbyist, he’s less than enthusiastic. But he soon uncovers a conspiracy that ignites his sense of righteous rage.
Two years ago, Orson Mulray, CEO of Mulray Pharma, discovered a miracle drug worth billions. But the drug needed to be tested on humans. And Mulray needed more than blood samples—he needed autopsy results. So he sent the drug into a devastated warzone as part of a “relief effort.”
But when his twisted scheme was discovered, someone had to die—and a certain lobbyist had to take the fall for murder. To clear his name, DeMarco must go up against a remorseless corporate juggernaut with almost unlimited resources, and take on a pair of callous killers unlike anything he’s ever encountered . . .
With House Blood, Mike Lawson delivers “another page-turner brimming with authentic Washington, DC, detail and distinctive, engaging characters” (Library Journal).
Publisher: Grove Atlantic ISBN: 9780802194541 Pages: 416