House Reckoning by Mike Lawson

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House Reckoning

Washington, DC, fixer Joe DeMarco is on a mission of revenge in a thriller that’s “fast, assured and as refreshingly unsentimental as Joe himself” (Kirkus Reviews).
Joe DeMarco always knew that his father, Gino, had worked for a local New York mafioso. But it was only after Gino was murdered that DeMarco found out the truth—that his father was a cold-blooded killer for the mob.
Now, twenty years later, a dying mob associate tells DeMarco a shocking secret: His father was killed by an NYPD cop who has since risen to the rank of police commissioner. And now, that police commissioner has been nominated to take control of the FBI.
Torn between his long-held moral code, his conflicted love for his father, and his desire for vengeance, DeMarco must decide how to stop his father’s murderer before the man becomes absolutely untouchable: with his brains and his respect for justice—or with a bullet?
Delivering “a tense, twisting plot and a sociopathic villain worthy of a seat in the House,” Mike Lawson once again proves himself to be a master of the down-and-dirty political arena (Booklist).
Publisher: Grove Atlantic ISBN: 9780802192530 Pages: 320