How to Realize your Dreams by Glenn Nunes

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How to Realize your Dreams

Are you stuck in a life that is seemingly going nowhere? Do you feel unfulfilled and would want to get more out of life? Do you have dreams that you would love to make happen? Are you doing what you love to do? Do you know what you want to do, but do not know how to get started?

This book strives to open up possibilities for you and give you a starting push towards realizing your dreams. All of us, at some point in our lives have felt stuck and unable to move forward. This book will help you discover your hidden dreams and open your mind to the numerous possibilities before you. This in turn will enable you plan a roadmap that will help chart your course in life. It will also highlight the hurdles and obstacles you are most likely to face. And in discussing these, show you that these are no big deal and can be easily overcome.

Realizing your dreams is easier than you can imagine. All you need, is to know where you stand and be pointed in the right direction.

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789385167294 Pages: 80