Hunting with Hemingway by Hilary Hemingway, Jeff Lindsay

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Hunting with Hemingway

The literary icon’s niece connects with her past to “carry the Hemingway traditions of hunting, family, and storytelling into the new millennium” (Kirkus Reviews).
Fifteen years after her father’s death, Hilary Hemingway receives a curious inheritance: an audio cassette of Les, her father, telling outrageous stories about hunting with his famous older brother, Ernest Hemingway. Les clearly aims to amuse the listeners with tales of the Hemingway brothers hunting vicious ostriches, hungry crocodiles, and deadly komodo dragons, but where Les Hemingway gets serious is in defending and explaining his brother’s reputation to a contemptuous Hemingway scholar. Hilary transcribes these stories, revealing the bond between two larger-than-life brothers—and tells of her own quest to make peace with the painful parts of the Hemingway legacy.
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626815599 Pages: 304