I Won't Say Goodbye by Aliyah Burke

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I Won't Say Goodbye

When danger forces close quarters, can love survive?

Sergeant Detective Derek Savvas is attracted to the woman he met in the hospital. He wants to pursue these feelings, but this professor is harder to crack than some of the cases he’s worked.

Shai Monroe has been getting odd calls and letters. One night when someone nearly runs her off the freeway, she calls a man she’s been trying to avoid, solely because of her attraction to him. And his profession.

Unwilling to allow her to continue to risk her life, Derek issues an ultimatum. Either he moves her to a safe house, or she allows him to move in with her.

When it all settles will they still be standing, or will one of them have said goodbye?

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781786864635 Pages: 192