I'm the King of the Castle by Pat Hutchins

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I'm the King of the Castle

Three fun-packed plays for children. In I’m the King of theCastle!, King Boris and King Morris have to take it in turns to sit on the throne and rule over their kingdom. One day it’s archery and spaghetti bolognese, the next it’s fencing and steak and kidney pie. But the queens and princesses are getting pretty fed up with all the arguing between the brothers, so along with the Jester they concoct a plan to bring back harmony to the royal castle.

Sam S mith is a reporter with a knack for busting crime, but now he has to foil the plans of gangster Johnny O and rescue nightclub singer Roxie Hart along the way.

Thomas Mead doesn’t think he needs to learn how to read,so when his classmates are learning he refuses to join in. Butduring one hectic day of adventures and accidents he finds out just how helpful – or harmful – words can be.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783192717 Pages: 108