Improve Your Writing by Ron Fry

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Improve Your Writing

The step-by-step guide to writing a successful research paper and developing the organizational skills to excel in school—and life!

From selecting a topic and conducting research to developing an outline, writing drafts, proofreading, and more, Improve Your Writing takes you through the creation of a successful research paper step by step. Applicable to any kind of writing project, Ron Fry’s fundamental and systematic approach goes beyond one-size-fits-all checklists to offer real advice that can be adapted according to your individual needs and situations.

Learn how to:
  • Develop your battle plan
  • Compile a bibliography
  • Organize your research
  • Compose your first draft
  • Document your sources
  • Revise your work
  • Apply the steps to essay tests and oral reports

Ideal for anyone hoping to establish essential research, organization, and composition skills, and with a special chapter for students with ADD, Improve Your Writing empowers you to excel in school, on tests, and in life.
Publisher: Career Press ISBN: 9781453254219 Pages: 160