Isn't It Bro-Mantic? by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

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Isn't It Bro-Mantic?

Dude! The long-awaited sequel to The Bro-Magnet is here!
What happens after Happily Ever After? That’s what Johnny Smith is about to find out. Having wooed—and won!—the girl of his dreams in The Bro-Magnet, he is ready to take on married life. Finally, Johnny will be the groom. But right off the bat, during the honeymoon, things start to go wrong. And it only gets worse when the newlyweds return home to their new house in Connecticut. Different taste in pets, interior design, friends. Too much togetherness. Jealousy. Nothing is easy, given that neither Johnny nor his wife has ever even had a roommate since college. Can this couple, still so in love, share a home without driving each other crazy?
“[S]urprisingly refreshing, and will have readers experiencing many belly laughs.” —RT Book Reviews
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626816060 Pages: 298