Just Her Type: A Novel by Jo Ann Ferguson

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Just Her Type: A Novel

Luke Bradfield has come out to Wyoming to do some articles for his newspaper back east. His editor sent him to work for a friend, Mackenzie Smith. Instead of the old man, Luke finds Smith’s daughter . . . also named Mackenzie. She now runs Bentonville’s newspaper while trying to keep track of her exuberant son. A widow, the newspaper and print shop is her way of providing for her and her son. When Luke insists on working for her, Mackenzie wants to send him out of her shop. However, she could use the help. The situation on the ranges around the small town is uneasy with cattlemen fighting over the land. She quickly realizes she needs Luke. Not just to help with the newspaper and not just to keep her and her son safe, but because she could fall in love with a man who considers the fight for justice a newspaper’s job. Yet, will they have a chance at love when a war is brewing on the ranges?

Publisher: Open Road Distribution ISBN: 9781504008921 Pages: 253