Know Your India: "Turn a New Page to Write Nationalism" by Dr Ahmad Sayeed

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Know Your India: "Turn a New Page to Write Nationalism"

Our Hindustan or say India is in eclipse we do not know what will happen to it in future if the birth rate of minorities is getting increased 9% to 15% where as Hindu Population has come down from 93% to 85% since Independence. Hence I call the present generation or youth to adapt a policy of enforcement of Uniform Law and order in the wake call our country as Hindustan. Minority people should not be given any weight in field of administration as is done to Hindus in Pakistan or other Muslim countries. Even China has recently banned long beards and veil for Muslim woman ,Madarasas (Muslim Institutions) and conversion. Those (non-Hindus) who want to continue to stay in India/Hindustan should adopt HINDUNESS or else ask them to leave the country and settle in Muslim countries. They should adopt Hindu Nationalism. A new syllabus on Nationalism should be curriculum in Educational System "Too much tolerance and wooing Muslims for the sake of Vote Bank needs ban and for this electioneering system should

be amended"

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789384318680 Pages: 286