Learning Mathematics - The Fun Way: - by SUMITA BOSE

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Learning Mathematics - The Fun Way: -

Learning Mathematics the Fun way caters to those students who deserve to have their individual learning needs satisfied. This book emphasises on teaching with activities, drawing on real-life models from children’s point of view and promotes expectations for success.

The book nurtures the interest of the student by bringing up the fun-quotient in the learning process. This will help students gain confidence in ability to reason and thereby enhance problem solving skills. This also meets the requirement of the NCERT syllabus.

This book offers categories of questions that reinforces critical knowledge and strengthens student’s reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Salient features:

• Attractive picture illustrations

• Simple & lucid language

• Thought provoking puzzles

• Concept building activities

• Skill developing games

• Solved examples for clear understanding

• Common errors & their corrections

• Tricks & shortcuts for easy calculations

• Worksheets for practice

• Test series

• Mental Arithmetic

Publisher: V&S Publishers ISBN: 9789350574409 Pages: 212