Leonard and the Magic Wand: A Magical Story for Children by Jans Ivens, Leonard the Wizard

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Leonard and the Magic Wand: A Magical Story for Children

Age : 6 - 8 years old   Reading Level : 2nd Grade

Step into Leonard the Wizard's magical world!

Leonard the wizard is taking a nice stroll with his faithful pet, Leon the dragon. Everything is perfect until Leon smells a rabit and starts running to catch him. A mad race thus begins...

This brand new series of stories will carry children into the magical and funny stories of Leonard the Wizard and his friends, the animals from the magic forest. These gorgeous illustrations and simple tales are a perfect combination to develop children's imagination.


It’s going to be a beautiful day in the magic forest. Like every morning, Leonard the Wizard goes for a walk with his faithful companion, Leon the dragon. Leon is delighted! He loves these daily morning walks with his master.

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Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9782511031001 Pages: 26