Leonard and the Old Oak Tree: A Magical Story for Children by Jans Ivens, Leonard the Wizard

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Leonard and the Old Oak Tree: A Magical Story for Children

Age : 6 - 8 years old Reading Level : 2nd Grade

Step into Leonard the Wizard's magical world!

Nutty the squirrel lives inside Ben the old oak tree. This year, Nutty is worried because there a very few acorns over the foot of the tree... He decides to follow Naughty the rabbit's advice and turns to Leonard the wizard for help.

This brand new series of stories will carry children into the magical and funny stories of Leonard the Wizard and his friends, the animals from the magic forest. These gorgeous illustrations and simple tales are a perfect combination to develop children's imagination.


In the magic forest stands a tree, which is several hundred years old: it is Ben, the old oak tree. And inside the trunk of this old oak lives Nutty the squirrel.
It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful autumn day and Nutty decides to stock up on acorns for the winter …

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Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9782511031032 Pages: 26