Life is to Love by Kajal Jaiswal

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Life is to Love

Life is to Love is the Book which explains the meaning of life, and importance of love in one's life. Naina is a reserved type of girl, and because of her homely matters, she has locked her heart for everyone, and has restricted herself only to her work and nothing else. She is of thought that she can never get love from anyone and she doesnt deserve it. But when Karan enters her life, her life turns upside down, for good. Initially, she totally ignores him, and even insults his love for her. He does not leave her side under any circumstances, but when he reveals the truth which is after his accident when he loses his memory, he also forgets his Naina, and even Naina refrains herself from revealing it to him. Lets see if he recalls any of his past memory, and whether this phase of their life will take them to their destination of which they have dreamt of? Or will it be the most dreadful turn of their life.

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789383952441 Pages: 199