Lincoln's Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24–April 8, 1865 by Noah Andre Trudeau

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Lincoln's Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24–April 8, 1865

March 1865: The United States was at a crossroads and, truth be told, Abraham Lincoln was a sick man. I am very unwell, he confided to a close acquaintance. A vast and terrible civil war was winding down, leaving momentous questions for a war-weary president to address. A timely invitation from General U. S. Grant provided the impetus for an escape to City Point, Virginia, a journey from which Abraham Lincoln drew much more than he ever expected. Lincolns Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24 April 8, 1865, by Noah Andre Trudeau offers the first comprehensive account of a momentous time.Lincoln traveled to City Point, Virginia, in late March 1865 to escape the constant interruptions in the nations capital that were carrying off a portion of his vitality, and to make his personal amends for having presided over the most destructive war in American history in order to save the nation. Lincoln returned to Washington sixteen days later with a renewed sense of purpose, urgency, and direction that would fundamentally shape his second term agenda.Previous coverage of this unprecedented triphis longest break from the White House since he had taken officehas been sketchy at best, and often based on seriously flawed sources. Lincolns Greatest Journey represents the most extensively researched and detailed story of these decisive sixteen days at City Point in a narrative laden with many heretofore unpublished accounts. The richly shaped prose, a hallmark of Trudeaus pen, rewrites much of the heretofore misunderstood story of what really happened to Lincoln during this time.A fresh, more complete picture of Lincoln emerges. This is Lincoln at a time of great personal and national changethe story of how he made peace with the past and became firmly future-focused, all set against a dramatically new narrative of what really happened during those last weeks of his life. It infuses the well-worn Lincoln narrative with fresh sources to fundamentally change an often-told story in ways large and small. Rather than treat Lincoln as a dead man walking when he returns to Washington, Trudeau paints him as he surely wasa changed man profoundly influenced by all that he experienced while at City Point.Lincolns Greatest Journey represents an important addition to the Lincoln saga. The conventional wisdom that theres nothing new to be learned about Lincoln is due for a major reset.
Publisher: Savas Beatie ISBN: 9781611213270 Pages: 360