Lion Plays Rough by Lachlan Smith

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Lion Plays Rough

In this “finely paced mystery,” a lawyer and amateur detective thinks he’s found the case that will make him—but it just might break him instead (Publishers Weekly).
Now working as a criminal defense attorney in Oakland, Leo Maxwell thinks he’s found a new client after a mysterious woman knocks him off his bicycle with her car. She just so happens to have a brother who needs defense on a murder charge. Leo readily agrees and dives right into the investigation.
After taking a series of photographs that seem to blow the lid on corruption in the police department, Leo quickly discovers he’s been had. His client already has representation—one of Oakland’s most renowned gangland lawyers—and claims he doesn’t have a sister. Drawing the ire of criminals and crooked cops alike, Leo is soon framed for murder. Just as he thinks he’s getting closer to the truth, danger is getting even closer.
“Full of intelligent plot twists . . . should appeal to any fan of good writing.” —Publishers Weekly
“Smith has created a wonderfully readable pair of brothers in Teddy and Leo Maxwell. . . . Lion Plays Rough is as good as Bear Is Broken, which is high praise indeed.” —Huntington News
Publisher: Mysterious Press ISBN: 9780802192837 Pages: 272