Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace by Kendra Fletcher

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Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace

What happens when you lose your religion? Kendra Fletcher, homeschooling mom of eight, took pride in having it all together—the right schooling, the right theology, the right church. Everything was “right.” Then it all fell apart. Three of their children were taken to the brink of death in a period of eighteen months. As wave after wave of crisis hit their family, they learned that getting religion “right” wasn’t a good substitute for a living relationship with a loving God. As they learned about their misplaced identities and false hope, they found that religion couldn’t save them–only Jesus. Only Jesus gives the grace we need to survive and thrive. Only in Jesus will our lives overflow with his grace, love, and mercy–spilling out over our families like the life-giving good news it is meant to be.

More than a memoir, Lost and Found is a call to give up those things that hold us in bondage and find the overwhelming grace and freedom of the cross. Woven through the life-changing stories that forever altered Kendra Fletcher’s family is an encouragement to readers to find their value, worth, significance, hope, and identity in Christ alone.

Gripping true story of how God heals physically and spiritually.
The difference between the gospel and merely being religious explained simply and clearly using one family’s story.
Clear direction on how to live with freedom and joy despite challenging circumstances.

Publisher: David C. Cook ISBN: 9781942572633 Pages: 160