Lost Arts of War: Ancient Secrets of Strategy and Mind Control by Haha Lung

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Lost Arts of War: Ancient Secrets of Strategy and Mind Control

Go beyond The Art of War and discover the hidden teachings of history’s lost masters of battle strategy and mind manipulation.
While many are familiar with Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, few readers have encountered the deeper truths of strategy and mind manipulation. Until now, only the most devoted scholars—dedicated to deciphering the ancient scrolls and mastering the nuances of lost languages—have learned the dangerous wisdom of lesser-known masters.
In Lost Arts of War, popular author and martial arts practitioner Dr. Haha Lung brings together an array of teachings from the dark corners of history for those who dare—perhaps unwisely—to attain a higher level of battle dominance. Fully translated and collected in one volume for the first time ever, these writings include:
  • The 12 Cuts: Yoritomo’s Art of War 
  • The War Scroll of Spartacus
  • The 99 Truths: Hannibal’s Black Art of War
  • Musashi’s 6 Ways to be Victorious
  • And much more
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Publisher: Citadel ISBN: 9780806535500 Pages: 258