Louisville's Alma Kellner Mystery by Shawn M. Herron

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Louisville's Alma Kellner Mystery

A chilling account of a turn-of-the-century child murder in Kentucky, the ensuing manhunt, trial, and verdict that remains questionable to this day.
On a bitterly cold day in December 1909, eight-year-old Alma Kellner simply disappeared from the altar of St. John’s Church in Louisville. Her body was found months later near the site of the church, and news of the murder rocked the city. The manhunt for the suspect took Louisville police Captain John Carney eleven thousand miles across the country, and even to South America, to return the killer to justice. Author Shawn M. Herron details the fascinating story of a tragedy that still remains under a cloud of suspicion.
Includes photos
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781439663998 Pages: 144