Loving Her Curves by Caitlin Ricci

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Loving Her Curves

How's a plus sized girl to celebrate getting the cover spot on a magazine? At home wrapped around her men of course.

Aria Dulane has just scored her biggest win yet in her modelling career with a cover spot on Curves, a magazine all about celebrating the beauty of the fuller figure and Aria couldn't agree with their idea more. And neither can her men. She's got two of them, both sexy and completely hers waiting at home for her. One's an artist, the other a chef and with her between them things couldn't be hotter.

Despite mixed reactions from their families, these three have carved out a relationship together. It's neither conventional nor normal by most standards but Aria and her guys hardly give a damn what others think as long as they keep each other happy. Which is easily done when they spend more time naked than dressed. When a new man comes to stay with them her boys might have to learn to share. Thankfully they have a big bed and their Aria has an appetite for a man in a uniform.

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781781848166 Pages: 29