Lusitania Lost: A Novel by Leonard Carpenter

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Lusitania Lost: A Novel

A World War I spy thriller from an author who puts “electrifying action into everything he writes” (Jonathan Maberry, New York Times–bestselling author).
Alma Brady is on the run from a New York mob boss. Desperate to escape Big Jim Hogan and his murderous gang, she joins a group of nurses bound for the Great War in Europe. Their ship is the Lusitania, the most celebrated luxury liner of 1915, with a passenger list of Broadway and Continental celebrities—who do not realize they are headed for certain doom.
Aboard the ship she meets Matthew Vane, a war correspondent who wants to find out what secret weapons may be hidden in the Lusitania cargo hold. During the one-week voyage, these characters will be drawn into romance, intrigue and murder, in an epic historical thriller that takes us above and below decks, into the German U-boat lurking nearby, and to the capitals and battlefields of Europe.
“Anyone who thrilled to the Titanic film will love this book.” —Sandra Nielsen
Publisher: Mango Media ISBN: 9781633536562 Pages: 335