M.Rock by Lachlan Philpott

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M.Rock is a magical new play, inspired by a true story, about

the enduring joys of music, dancing and self-discovery. The

generation gap just got tighter.

In his distinctive language, Philpott charts the fortunes of

18-year-old Tracey and her grandmother Mabel. Tracey has

just finished school, she’s bought a round-the-world ticket

and is flying away to soak up experiences. By contrast, Mabel

is stable. She plays piano for The Players, knits for the African

appeal and looks after Hilda’s cat.

When Tracey misses her plane home, Mabel sets off on a quest to find her granddaughter. But what she finds is her inner DJ.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783196111 Pages: 96